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 Zuid Willemsvaart - Weert - 03 November 2018 

A day out on my local canal today - the Zuid Willemsvaart in Weert. 

See how I got on here: Zuid Willemsvaart

 Stippevent 2018 - 28 October 2018 

The Stippevent for 2018 is now over and I am pleased to say that I managed to win it with 3,700 g of Rudd and Perch. 

My winning net of Rudd and Perch - all on the worm.

It is a great event with 75 anglers registered to fish this year. 

See the full results here:  Results

 Stippermesse in Bremen - 4 March 2018 

The Stippermesse in Bremen is always worth a visit to see all the latest tackle on offer for 2018 - and there are always a few bargains to be had. 

Why not pay it a visit in 2018.

Stippermesse Website

 Stippevent 2017 

Our Stippevent for 2017 is over. 

See who won here: Stippevent 2017 


A wind-swept Twente Canal of the Stippevent 2017

 England Trip 2017  

Our England trip this year was not so good as I was suffering from a bad back and neck - it was causing me a considerable amount of pain so I did not fish well. I still managed 10 lb on the Norbury Junction stretch with a few Roach & Gudgeon, and loads of big Perch. 

I like fishing the shallow English canals - something completely different from fishing in The Netherlands, with only 30-60 cm depth on the far bank at 12 metres. I think Roger and Theo enjoyed the fishing too.

I enjoy my annual trip to England and will be going again next year. 

 Stippevent 2017 

Einfachstippen are organizing a Float Only Open Match on the Twente Canal in Enschede on 29th October. 

Book your place by sending an e-mail here: 

 Berkel, Borculo - 29.07 2017  

I fished with Roger and Nico on the Oude Ijssel today. 

See how we got on here:  Berkel - July

 Oude Ijssel, Hoog-Keppel - 14.04.2017 

I fished with Roger and Nico on the Oude Ijssel today.

See how we got on here:  Oude Ijssel - Apr

 Sensas Cahllenge - 25.03.2017 

Einfachstippen fished our first ever team match on the 25th March - the Sensas Team Challenge on the North Holland canal in Landsmeer. 

See how we got on here:  Sensas Challenge

 Zuid-Willemsvaart Canal, Weert - 23.10.2016 

I had a few hours on the canal today. 

'Caster' Roach

See my report here:  Oct - Weert

 RAF Old Lags v Einfachstippen On Tour - 05.10.2016 

This year we had an RAF Old Lags v Einfachstippen match on the Middle Level Drain. 

See how we faired here:  Old Lags Match  

 Berkel, Borculo - 3.09.2016 

I had a good day on the Berkel today, catching 28 lb of Roach, Skimmers and Hybrids. 

Didn't write a report, but thought I'd show you the picture. 

A good net of fish on the 12 m pole. Casters did the trick.


A few days fishing in August on the Berkel and a few canals. 

See how we got on here:   August

  25 & 26.06.2016  

This weekend I'm fishing the Lage Vaart in Almere. A bit of practice with Günther Horler for company. Roger and Bruno are fishing as well. 

See how we got on here:  Jun - Lage Vaart


Today we were on the Het Meertje near Nijmegen. Roger and I were after a few Bream - but did we get any?

See how we got on here:  Jun - Het Meertje


I am giving the Wessem-Nederweert Canal another go today. 

See if I managed to get my first Roach out of the canal here:  Apr - Canal


A return to an old Carping lake today - the Noorderlaan in Weert. I caught my biggest ever Common here. Hopefully this time I will have a few Roach and Skimmers.

See if I had any luck here:  Mar - Noorderlaan  


Today I went up to the Twente Canal in Enschede and fished opposite the Twente Stadium with Roger and Theo - a practice for the first 'De Karper' league match. 

See my report here:  Mar - Twente Canal

 06 & 07.02.2016 - Oranjedorp Canal 

A couple of days on the canal in Oranjedorp with Roger, Theo and Ingo

See my report here:   Feb - Oranjedorp

 01.11.2015 - Guido Nullens Open 

I went down to the Albert Canal to fish the Guido Nullens Open. It was not an easy match. Bloodworm & Joker allowed, but not many fish were caught.

See my short report here: Guido Nullens 2015

30.10.2015 - Practice on the Albert Canal

I had a few hours on the Albert Canal in Genk.

See my report here:  Oct - Albert Canal

10.10.2015 - England Trip

Check out all three parts of our trip to England.

RAF Old Lags:  England Part 1

Fishing with Bob Nudd :  England Part 2

Royal Military Canal:  England Part 3

03.10.2015 - New DF Boot

Check out the awesome new DF Boots from Preston right here: Clothing

27.09.2015 - Marcel Van Den Eynde Memormial Match

The Juliana Canal hosts this match run by Dieter Liebert:  VDE Memorial 2015

16.07.2014 - River Berkel in Borculo

A day on the waggler on a small river.

More here: Jul - Berkel

14.07.2015 - Tsunami on the Zuid-Willemsvaart Canal

Today I witnessed some strong current on the Zuid-Willemsvaart in Weert. A few hours fishing for some Roach.

More here:  Jul - Canal, Weert

27.06.2015 - Mussel Canal

Roger, Theo and I went up to the Mussel Canal for a few hours fishing.

See the report here: Jun - Mussel Canal

26.06.2015 - River Vecht, Dalfsen

A short report on a trip up to the Vecht

More here:  Jun - River Vecht

07.06.2015 - New Absolute GIS 11 XS Pole

See a report on my new Preston Innovations Absolute GIS 11 XS 16 m Pole.

More here: Absolute GIS 11 XS

05.06.2015 - Twente Canal, Enschede

Today Roger and I travelled up to the Twente Canal in Enschede to try our luck.

See how we got on here:  Jun - Twente Canal  

04.06.2015 - Oude Ijssel, Doetinchem

A trip to the Oude Ijssel near Doetinchem with Roger and Theo today. We are going to try and catch a few of the rivers' Bream.

More here: Jun - Oude Ijssel

03.06.2015 - Berkel in Borculo

See my report on a few hours fishing on the small River Berkel in Borculo.

More here: Jun - Berkel

05.03.2015 - Leg injury curtails fishing

On Saturday 21st Feb, I was unfortunate to slip and rip some muscles in my right leg. Out of action for at least 12 weeks now. Hopefully the injury will mend quickly and I can get back to fishing again soon. In the meantime enjoy your fishing - and stay on two feet!

15-17.02.2015 - Day 1-3 on the Twente Canal, Enschede

Today we were fishing on a very hard Twente Canal in Enschede. It did not get much better over the next two days!

More here:  Feb - Twente Canal

19.01.2015 - Sponsored by Preston Innovations

Einfachstippen is happy to announce that we have received sponsorship from Preston Innovations. 

More here: Preston Innovations

18.01.2015 - Albert Canal, Belgium 

Today we were on the Albert Canal in Belgium with Guido Nullens. See the report here:  January  

09.01.2015 - Revised feeder rig

After the guest book entry from my old RAF teammate Martin Hallford, I have revised the feeder rig I will start 2015 with. Thanks Martin. You can see the rig here:  Feeder Rig  

04.01.2015 - It is amazing what sometimes swims past

I could not quite believe my eyes!  Video

03.01.2015 - My Plan for 2015

Here some information on my Einfachstippen plans for 2015 -  Fishing Reports 2015