Here are just a few extra photos taken at random. 

In October 2015, I spend two days fishing with an angling legend - Bob Nudd MBE.

Bob Nudd & Steven Holliday - October 2015

I spent a few years Carping


My best Common - lovely fish!

And when the Carp didn't bite, this did.


71 lb Cat, France 2005 - I am lifting, I am lifting!

Feeder fishing was a large part of my life in the 80's and 90's.

Tripod for stability, Target board for sensitivity - 1991 on the Maas above Afferden

 And I used to catch a few fish too.


Same day as the photo above - 30 kg of Maas Bream


I will be back here soon to see if the fishing is still as good.