Preston Innovations Response M70e 

 Update - 04 November 2018 

The M70e has proven to be an excellent pole. It is a joy to use up to its maximum length of 13 metres. The No. 1 sections with either No. 5 or No. 6 Slip elastic are working out great for the Perch, Roach and Skimmers on the Dutch canals and small rivers. I also have a No. 8 through one section (and two) for slightly larger fish and deeper water, and then go up to a No. 10 elastic through two sections for the bigger fish like Bream and Tench.

I would like to get a very strong pole for Barbel on the River Ijssel, and the Browning Hyper Carp HC 60-130 looks like it might do the job.

I picked up the Response M70e Pack and several spare sections at the end of February (2017) and have been very impressed with this pole from the start. At first I thought about getting the M90e, but at 13 m there is little difference between them - and spare part prices for the M70e are 60% cheaper! 

Here are the lengths and weights for the M70e:

M70e lengths and weights.

The M70e weighs 1047 grams at 13 m - that's with the mini extension fitted to take the pole to exactly 13 m.

Balance is the key though, and this is where this pole excels. It is quick too, with very little lag on the strike. 

The top 4 is 5.54 m which is a little short for the deeper venues so extra No. 5 sections are required if you fish very deep venues.

Overall, I am very impressed with this pole. It is not lighter than my old Absolute 11 XS, but it is better balanced - and far more affordable than the M90e. 

 Preston Innovations Absolute GIS 11 XS 16 M 

 Update 09.10.2016 

I have sold the GIS 11 XS to Roger and am replacing it with a Response M70e in 2017.

 Update: 24.08.2015 

The No. 1 section is used with the standard top 3 for lighter elastics and also when I am fishing to hand - usually with Preston Slip No. 4 or No. 5. 

I use the power top 2 with No.6, 8 & 10 elastics through two sections, and a No. 5 elastic through one section. I have 8 power top 2s.

Revised Pole Lengths with the No. 1 Section

 Update: 18.06.2015 

For those of you infatuated by weight, here are the weights for the Absolute 11 XS:

12.18 m = 844 grams

with 13 m short extension (12.91 m) = 990 grams

The 14.5 and 16 m extensions weigh 269 grams each.

At 15.7 metres the pole weighs 1382 g. 

 Update: 07.06.2015 

I picked up my Absolute GIS 11 XS 16 metre pole last week, and have now had the chance to fish with it several times.

I wanted a pole that would cover all of the fishing that I will be doing - from Roach and Bream on canals through to Barbel on the Ijssel and Carp on the occasions I will fish on a commercial fishery. The Absolute GIS 11 XS covers all of these situations.

I am not using the No. 1 section at all and have removed it. I will use the five power top 2 kits and five No. 2 & 3 sections for my elastics.

Here is a table of the different pole lengths with the power top 2 and the No. 2 & 3 sections - also with a normal No. 4 section and the short No. 4 section:

Absolute GIS 11 XS Pole Lengths

The Mini Extension for taking the pole to 13 metres manages to reach 12.91 metres - that will be OK for 13 metre only matches.

The yellow highlighted 13 m Extension is NOT fitted to the pole when the 14.5 m and 16 m sections are used!

The maximum length of the pole is 15.51 metres - so not a true 16 metre pole. I don't think it matters that much, but you would think that the pole would be a fishable 16 metres when so advertised.

I have fitted the five power tops with Preston's Original Slip Elastic in sizes No. 6 (yellow) and No. 8 (black.)

Power Top 2s with Preston Slip Elastic

Three with No. 8 and two with No. 6. 

The power tips have been cut back a little to accommodated an orange 1.8 mm Preston Internal PTFE Bush (code: SIN4S) as you can see in the photo above. The elastic slides out of the tops perfectly. For the No. 6 & 8 elastics, I use a simple elastic connector; here the yellow version (code: BCONYS) from Preston.

No. 2 sections with 2.8 mm Internal PTFE Bushes

The No. 2 & No. 3 sections will be fitted with No. 10 elastic and above. I will use the heavier elastics with Dacron connectors.

The white extra large internal bushes shown above fit into the No. 2 sections which have an internal diameter of 4.5 mm. The internal diameter of the PTFE bush (code: SINX0S) is 2.8 mm.

All of the Absolute GIS 11 XS Section

To enable the ideal length between my float and the pole tip, I will be buying two extra short No. 4 sections, and also two extra No. 6 sections. At the most, I like to have the line about 10-20 cm shorter than the pole. Only a small amount of elastic is then out of the pole when the hook is on the bottom section. I also like to have the bait (and small fish) swing straight to my hand.