River Oude Ijssel, Doetinchem 

This is a stretch of the Oude Ijssel that I've only fished twice before. Since the last time I fished, they have made concrete platforms to fish from.

On my two previous trips, I managed to catch a few Bream the first time, and a few Perch the second time - in the Masterclass 2.

Roger, Nico and Ingo were here today to fish the pole, and Matthias was fishing the feeder on the downstream end peg.

I used the Deeper Pro to check the depth and bottom contours before the start. 4.5m deep at 13m and coming it to 11.5m is was 4.4m deep and a bit weedy, so I decided to fish at 13m today.

The back legs of my Octbox were on the concrete platform, and the front legs were on the rocks - this meant I could get the keepnet out into deeper water at the side.

I set up just 2 top kits, one with a 2g Dave Harrell DH13 with an olivette and 3 droppers, and a 2g DH21 with an olivette and a string of droppers. I wanted to use a DH21 1.5g but only had them made up to 4.5m - some more rigs to make this weekend.

A had a size 13 Kamasan B711 to a Accu Power 0.12mm bottom on the 'big fish' rig, and a size 16 B611 to 0.10mm Accu Power on the 'lighter' rig. 

Top 4 was required today, and after plumbing-up I had 4.55m of water - so the Deeper Pro is quite accurate. Preston Original Slip elastic in the Monoblocks - No.6 yellow and No. 8 black.

I balled it in at 12.5m with 14 balls at the start - no prisoners today! A few dead pinkies, casters and some hemp mixed in should do the trick. Ingo balled it in and Roger cupped in at first, then balled it in after he saw me do it :-)

I have all the usual baits with me today.

I started on the lighter rig and it wasn't long before I had my first Goby. Oh dear. Not long after, another one. These things are everywhere.

It was clearly going to be hard, as after 90 minutes I had just 4 Gobies and a small Roach. Ingo had a couple of fish, and Roger some Gobies. Nico had a small Skimmer early on, then nothing.

I tried a spell on the heavier rig with worms, but just had a Tommy Ruffe. A switch back to the lighter rig, single maggot, and - hooked and lost a bigger fish. Grrrr...

I moved the shotting around, changed depth, over depth, dead-depth, well off bottom, different hook sizes - I just couldn't get the fish interested today. I don't know what else I could have tried. Matthias only had 2 fish on the feeder, so it was hard for everyone - we didn't see anyone else catch any fish.

I went back to the heavier rig and tried for Bream but just couldn't get a sniff. I persevered but after 5 hours I gave up with 11 fish in the net. 

This is a great venue, but the heat at 28°C, and the hundreds of small motorboats and canoes did not help.

It will be worth fishing here after we have has some rain. There was colour in the water but no flow - and the fish may still be spawning. Hopefully, the next visit here will be better.