Zammataro Groundbaits 

 Zammataro non-fishmeal groundbait  

I started using Michael's groundbait back in 2015, and have been using it ever since - I've even been to the factory to see it being made and bagged.

I mainly use just two groundbaits and one additives. The Kanal Mix is a heavy groundbait to add some weight to my mixes, and it can carry a lot of particles. The Turbo Cloud Natur and Turbo Cloud Black is a lighter groundbait ideal for Roach and Skimmers. I blend the two together to get the right mix for the depth of water that I'm fishing. I also add coriander if I am expecting more Roach - like when I'm on the River berkel.

 Sonubaits - Natural Groundbaits, Hemp and Pellets 

 So Natural Non-Fishmeal Groundbait  

Last year I tried the Black Roach and Black Bream, and it worked really well. It can be mixed sticky to carry a lot of feed particles and is great at attracting and holding fish. 

I will only be using the Black Roach, Black Bream and Black River.

I've always added additives to my Roach groundbait, especially coriander, and the Black Roach has enough coriander in it so I don't need to add it separately. Black Roach is the perfect Roach groundbait straight out of the bag!