Sonubaits - Natural Groundbaits, Hemp and Pellets 

 So Natural Non-Fishmeal Groundbait  

I now only use Sonubaits groundbaits as the non-fishmeal groundbaits have come on leaps and bounds. Last year I tried the new Black Roach, Black River and Black Bream, and they worked really well. The Black Roach can be mixed sticky to carry a lot of feed particles and is great at attracting and holding fish. 

These are the three additional groundbaits that I will be using from now on - they make perfect mixes straight out the bag!

I will only be using the Black Roach, Black Bream and Black River.

A great combination.

I've always added additives to my Roach groundbait, especially coriander, and the Black Roach has enough coriander in it so I don't need to add it separately. Black Roach is the perfect Roach groundbait straight out of the bag!

Looking forward to trying the new Sweet Skimmer mix.