Meet the Anglers 

Einfachstippen has now grown into a small group of anglers who share the same passion for angling and who enjoy fishing together. Roger and Theo were the first and then I joined them at the end of 2014.

Now we also have Bruno Funk, Nico Legters, Marco Te Lintum and Mick Heyermann on board. 

L to R: Theo, Marco, Steve & Nico

As Einfachstippen, we will be entering competitions as individuals and the occasional competition as a team.

Perhaps we can enjoy some minor successes together, and that we can pass on the knowledge gained to others through the einfachstippen.com and einfachstippen.de websites.

I hope you enjoy the website, and that we can bring you some useful information on tactics and equipment over the coming years.

Tight Lines.
Steven 'Doc' Holliday