Ingo Becker   

Ingo Becker

A big welcome to Ingo from everyone in the team, who joined us over the winter. Ingo has won many top competitions and is still at the top of his game.

Ingo has qualified for the German National Championships and has also fished for many years in the Team of the Year Competition in Holland.

Eleven years ago he fished for the Ultimate Team with Roger and Bruno, and over the past few years he fished for the HJG Drescher Bream Team. 

He recently won one of the 100-peg Team of the Year matches (20 teams of 5) in 2019 with a weight of 8,360g on the pole on the Wildervanck Canal.

On of Ingo's strengths is Bream fishing, where he is always able to get those all-important bonus Bream out onto the bank.

He is also a prolific Bolo and waggler angler, and is no slouch when it comes to speed fishing. Generally a great all-round angler - typical English!

Ingo concentrating on getting that all-important winning Bream!

We all look forward to fishing with Ingo as soon as the Corona restrictions are lifted and we can get the fishing matches started again.