Mick Heyermann   

From Mick: It all started for me on my 3rd birthday when my grandpa gave me my first fishing rod. Together with him and my new rod, we drove to a local Trout lake. Even though I couldn't use the reel when I was 3 years old, it was incredibly beautiful for me, together with my grandpa to sit by the water and enjoy the time. 

That day I was also able to catch my first fish (with Grandpa's help of course), a small trout. With the help of my grandpa and every passing year, my fishing technique always got better. Soon, I was able to cast the fishing rod myself and also bring fish safely to the bank. 

On my 10th birthday, my mum drove me to the town hall to buy my first fishing license. With my new fishing license in hand, I went to the Rheder Fishing and Nature Conservation Association to register. 

Here I met new friends in the youth group, and youth leaders Kevin and Matthais showed me new tips and tricks. Kevin showed my how to fish with the match rod, and I was so fascinated by this kind of fishing, it remains one of my preferred techniques today. 

When I was 13, Matthais asked me if I wanted to take part in a competition. I said yes, and one morning drove to Kretching to meet the other youth anglers. It was my very first competition, and I managed to win it.

That was the beginning of my passion for competition angling several times each month. My mother had to deal with me getting up at 4 o'clock to take me to the water so I could draw my peg on time. 

Around the age of 15, I got a call from our club sports manager and he asked me to join the adult team for the district championship. No sooner said that done, I was sitting on the bank with 30 other anglers, and fished for 4 hours for small Roach with the match rod. 

The weighing team came and weighed my catch and one of the weighing inspectors shook my hand and said congratulations - and I wondered why? During the results presentation I realised why - from the 30 anglers I had got first place and was the youngest angler in the field. 

At some time I also discovered Carp fishing for myself and was able to catch my first Carp or 'water pig.' 

In 2016, I bought my first pole, an 8.5m long Ultimate. I practiced with the pole almost every day, as I dreamed of fishing matches in Holland. In January 2019 I was ready, and bought myself a VISPas so I could take part in the matches of the WHV De Karper fishing club in Winterswijk. 

I got to know a lot of good anglers and I learnt an unbelievable amount from them. Several times, I made it into the top 5 in the results, and that made we very proud of myself. 

On 29th June 2019, on the Linge in Zetten, against 30 other anglers, I became the U20 Federation Champion!

This win was my ticket to take part in the Open National Championship Juniors 2019. My biggest match so far was on the North Holland Canal in Graftdijk where I had a peg in the middle of a section but only managed 28th overall with 3610 grams.

Today, I am the first Chairman of the Rheder Fishing and Nature Conservation Association, and at the same time with my friends Ralf and Sascha, youth leader for 23 teenagers.

Since the beginning of 2020, I'm a member of the Einfachstippen team, and I'm looking forward to many good days fishing over the coming years with my team colleagues.

Until then, I'd like to wish you all many big fat fish and lots of Tight Lines!

Best regards,

Mick Heyermann