Nico Legters   

Nico Legters

Everything that Nico does is done in a very professional way and he is a stickler for detail.

After many years as a member of the Dutch National Air Rifle /Air Gun Team he has started to apply this professionalism to his angling.

Nico has developed his angling skills extremely quickly and has already amassed some impressive results in local and national angling competitions.

Eager to learn new methods and techniques, you need to keep your eye on Nico when he's next to you in a match. I have been very impressed on how well he adapts to the situation at hand, and how he can change his approach to make the best out of his swim. 

I am sure that Nico will be one of our best points performers in the upcoming Team of the Year matches in 2021 - assuming Corona lets us start match fishing again this year. 

Nico getting ready for the 2020 Einfachstippen Championship - which he went on to win a few hours later!

Nico is also the match secretary of the De Karper Angling Club in Winterswijk, and is busy organising all the club's matches. I have also joined the club and will be trying my best to take some points off Nico in 2021 - but we'll all have to beat Marco first :-)