Roger Lickfeldt 

I was 31 years old when I started fishing with the pole. Fishing on ponds and lakes, I quickly learnt how to fish and a few years later I progressed on to rivers and canals.

Here with Bob 2003 together with Blinker magazine on the Lateraal Canal in Holland

My greatest role model is Bob Nudd who, together with 9 other lucky anglers, I fished with in 2003 on the Lateraal Canal, near Roermond in Holland. We won a competition in the then largest German fishing magazine Blinker to fish for a day with Bob Nudd. 

Later, I was able to mix it with the better anglers in my club. After joining De Karper club in Winterswijk (over 3000 members) I tried my luck against the best anglers, and in 2003, I was able to win my first club championship.

Fishing for Rudd with the match rod in our lake

Over the next years I was very successful and was able to become federation champion (Gelderland Province) with De Karper Winterswijk 5 times in a row. I also managed to frame in many other events during this time.

First day on the German Meisterschaft 2007 with Coach....

In 2006, over a 2-day event on the Aue in Suhlingen, I finished 4th out of 85 participants in the German Angling Association Championship to qualify to fish the German Championship Finals in Brandenburg on the Silo Canal, where only the best 5 were invited to fish. 

This Pike stopped me from taking part in the German Championship in 2008. He took a Roach on the Silo Canal, and I missed out on 2nd place in my section by 30g.

For 6 years from 2003, I fished for Ultimate Team NRW and later formed my own team with Verpa Groundbaits as our sponsor. 

Here with Tench and Rudd.

I fished with a special licence in the Dutch national team matches, but unfortunately I couldn't fish for the Dutch team as I don’t have a Dutch Passport.

In 2012, I managed my first win at the Dutch National Top Competition

Over the years I had many good and bad experiences, which brought me to the decision to set up my own website ‘einfachstippen’ – which means fishing with 'just the pole.'

I also gained lots of experience with team fishing

In the first year 2011, the website had 24,000 visitors, in the second 80,000, and last year 154,000 people visited my website. The visitor numbers are rising and now (January 2019) over 1,75 million anglers have visited my German site!

The Lage Vaart, scene of the 2009 World Championships

As well as for experienced anglers, my goal is to provide newcomers to the sport with the angling knowledge that I have gathered over the years. I would like everyone to profit from my Tips & Tricks and videos, and to have fun with their angling hobby. There is nothing worse than stagnation; when you want to learn more, but you are at your limit with your current knowledge.

A good Bream slides into the net

Even top anglers can get into a hole, but are able to come out of it stronger than before. This is a learning process that all top anglers have experienced. Not everyone has a teacher or mentor or the luck that a top angler is looking over their shoulder to help them along. I am one such person.

Theo with a few Roach from the Twente Canal

Here, for the last few years, my friend Theo has been there with me, and in recent months Steve, who has brought more zip, momentum and drive to our new trio. He also wins most of the time too (of course I do - Ed).

Roger & Doc (Steve) after the match

We would like to show you more information on the einfachstippen.com site in English.

A nice catch on the Intratuin stretch of the Twente Canal in Lochem.

Good Luck.
Roger Lickfeldt