Ulli Tieben   

Ulli has won countless matches over the years and is an angler you can always count on to catch fish. When the going gets tough Ulli will save the day.

In the eighties he fished in the National German League, a series that enables you to qualify and be selected to fish for the German National Coarse Angling Team. 

Unlike in England, in Germany you have to qualify to be selected for the National Team - in my opinion the fairest performance-based way to select team members.

Ulli has specialised himself in feeder fishing over the years, but is most prolific regardless of the method - feeder, waggler, slider, pole, whip - and even going after predators like Pike and Zander.

Ulli may not have the latest and best items of tackle, but he really knows how to use what he has got - a trait that every good angler has. It's about how you do it, not necessarily what you do it with. Knowledge is Power!

Roger has told me that he has learnt a lot from Ulli, and having seen Ulli fish, that doesn't surprise me - and no, Roger is not bad at fishing :-)

Ulli is a very experienced and wise angler, and I for one listen carefully when he passes on some of that knowledgeable information.