Individual Matches in 2021 & 2022 

I will post all of the individual matches that I fish here. It would be good if I could average 1 match a month - more than I have managed for the last few years. 

As a seasoned match angler,  the competition element is in my blood, just my old back doesn't always want to play along. 

I have won a lot of matches over the years, and it's not that long ago, in 2018, when I won my last match - the 75-peg Stippevent on the Twente Canal in Enschede - so I can still fish. 

It will be great to fish against some of the excellent young Dutch and German anglers and I am hopeful that I might get the odd good result. Fingers crossed. If I prepare for my matches well there is no reason I can't do well.

This is a big match in Europe, all the top anglers from national teams. The biggest match I have fished was an NFA Division 1 National in the 90's with 1080 anglers - 90 teams of 12 - those were the days. It's not so easy winning a 90-peg section. My best was in '97, with 78 points out of a possible 81 - and it was hard fishing on the River Witham.