Winter Series - Oude Ijssel - Stokhorst - Doetinchem 

This winter league series of 4 matches is being organised by Roy vanholt and Starfishing Hengelsport, and will be fishing on the Oude Ijssel at Stokhorst, near Doetinchem. 

The matches are on Sundays on the 21st November, 19th December, 16th January and 20th February. Three of the four matches will count towards your series result. It's an individual league so I am fishing for myself.

There is a limit of 20 anglers and I have a feeling they will be some of the top anglers from the area. Entry was 50 € for the series and I'm really looking forward to the matches. I was lucky enough to get my name down in time, so I'm in for all 4 matches.

It is a float only series - Pole (max. 13 m), Match rod (slider) and Bolo. Bloodworm and Joker are allowed with the usual coloured maggots banned.

The draw is at the reasonable time of 08:00 (still waiting for the exact draw location - hopefully a Cafe) and fishing is for 5 hours from 10:00 until 15:00 - plenty of time to get ready.

This is one of the pegs on the Oude Ijssel that we will be fishing.

The venue here is about 4.5 m deep so I will be fishing with a 6 m top 4 and the slider as a backup method. My initial thoughts are that rigs from a 4 g flat float down to a 1.5 g DH21 will be required. Probably need to set up pole 4 rigs.

Roll on the first match!