Ramsey Forty Foot 

 Monday 03.10.2016 

I got all the licences online from the Post Office a few weeks ago - just 10 quid for an 8-day licence. 

First stop was Morrison's Cafe for Breakfast. Sausage, eggs, bacon, hash-browns, mushrooms and tomatoes, washed down with a cup of tea - the week is a success already! 

Next stop was Ken Wades tackle shop to pick up our pre-ordered bait. Ken is selling his shop and house as he is coming up to retirement, so this is probably the last year we'll visit his shop. 

Then it was on to Sheltons of Peterborough - a big different to Ken's shop. Everyone bought stuff in Ken's and in Sheltons, and Theo ordered a Drennan match rod for a friend in Germany - much cheaper in England. 

Then we set off for our first venue the Ramsey Forty Foot drain. Theo and I fished the same peg because there was a lot of weed and not many good spots to fish from.  

A nice easy day and a good bag of fish

We had a good day, catching fish mainly at about 8 m.

Theo with his first day catch

Theo caught plenty of fish as did Eric, Ingo and Bruno, although the weed was a problem for Roger so he had a bad day. 

Tuesday was the practice for the Old Lags match on the Middle Level Drain which we had on the Wednesday. You can see the report here:  Old Lags Match

 The Old Nene, March 

 Thursday 06.10.2016 

This is one of my favourite venues as there are always plenty of fish to catch.

My peg on the Old Nene on the Bypass

This year I wanted to catch a Tench and decided to fish chopped worm all day. The Eels and big Rudd like them too, so it should be an interesting day. The water was about 1.9 m deep to I used a top 3.

A 1 gram AS6 float on 0.13 mm Preston Reflo Power to a 0.11 mm bottom was my choice of rig for fishing the chopped worm.

A few different rigs for the England trip

I also set up a lighter 0.75 gram Drennan Carbo with a Kamasan B560 size 22 hook for the smaller fish on maggot/pinkie, and also a 4x12 Preston Chianti with a size 18 Kamasan B511 for fishing very light. 

The rigs above are a starting point - how the rigs end up at the end, depends on how the session goes.

We started to catch fish from the very first minute. Mainly Rudd and Perch, and a few bleak that took the bait in the way down. 

After a couple of hours I started catching some bigger Rudd, and thought I'd hooked another one so shipped back quite quickly. When I lifted up the pole about 6 m of elastic was stretched out in front of me. 

I started to ship the pole back out but the hook length gave way. Probably a Tench - never mind. I kept trying but had no other big fish apart from a 600 g Eel. 

Everyone caught well and we went home happy. 

 The Great Ouse, Godmanchester  

 Friday, 07.10.2016  

This is a nice stretch of the Great Ouse that we fished last year.

The Great Ouse in Godmanchester

Today we were fishing punched bread. 

Looks good for a few fish

A lot of people use liquidised bread for their feed, and so do I when it is warm and the fish are feeding well.  

Theo fishing on the next peg

If however it is very cold, it often pays to use fine white crumb slowly wetted with an atomizer and mixed until just right. This mix does not feed the fish as much and you will catch more fish on the punch.

Eric fished a long whip and had a lot of Perch - unfortunately, a very big Perch pulled his hook straight!

I fished at 10.5 m with 1 g and 0.75 g Drennan Carbo. It was about 2.5 m deep so I used a short top 4. 

A B511 size 18 to0.08 mm bottom seemed to be the best with a 4 mm piece of bread using a Drennan punch. 

Bruno and Roger on the Great Ouse in Godmanchester

An old RAF team mate, Graham Welton came down from Stanjay shop for a chat and he gave me a few tips about the rig. Important is to keep the feed going in regularly.

Eric preparing to catch a load of Perch on the whip

I added some small stones to the liquidised bread to get it down to the bottom quickly.

A few Roach on Punch and the odd Perch on the worm

For various reasons, this year was not one of the most successful trips to England, but we caught a few fish and even fished a match.

We had a couple of hours on the Old Nene at Benwick, but only Roger had a bite, a small Perch.

I'm looking forward to our next Einfachstippen on Tour event.