Stainforth & Keadby Canal, Bonnie Hale Stretch 

This is a good English canal and full of fish. Hopefully all of the Einfachstippen anglers will be able to put at least 10 lb each on the scales today. Remember, for our trip you can only fish with a float, so only a pole or match rod can be used. 

I lived in Keadby from when I was 7 years old until I was 17, until just before I joined the RAF, when my parents moved back to Blackpool. I have fished this stretch of the canal so many times - I almost lived here as a teenager - basically, this is where I learnt to fish. 

Back then in the 70's, you had to fish a waggler right over into the reeds on the far bank. Get it right and you could have a great day's fishing. Today, there are many more fish and they have spread out all along the canal, although the reeds on this stretch are still a powerful holding area for the fish.

I hope we have a good day here. I am hoping this is where we can have our team match against the RAF Old Lags.