Preston Innovations Absolute Margin 8.5 m Pole 

 Bought on 02.04.2020 

I have wanted a strong pole for some time and was thinking of getting a long Carp pole, but my Euro Competition 3000 will handle F1s no problem, so I only really needed something for big Carp. The idea of being able to use a stronger pole in strong winds is also appealing, but then I don't need 13 m.

I am not a regular on commercials, in fact, I have never fished on one yet. But when I do, this will get the Carp out no problem.

In the end I have gone for the Preston Innovations Response Margin pole. At 8.5 m it is good for fishing in very strong winds, and also Carp in the 'margins' or out in open water at up to 8.5 m. I don't think I will need more for the waters I fish. 

The pole has 6 sections and what is great is that it has no mini extension. I will be able to put the pole in my normal pole holdall - together with the extra 2 top kits that it comes with. 

I have bought some 11 and 13 Dura Slip elastic to begin with, which I will use through the 2.4 m long top 2 power kits. This is the first time I've had roller-puller kits.

It is a pity that there isn't an extra tube included for the top 2 inside the pole - as soon as it's elasticated, you need another tube. So the pole and three smaller tubes will go into the Euro 3000 pole holdall. 

I am really looking forward to using the pole to catch some Tench and Carp on my club water. I'll put a report up on the site soon with some pictures of my new margin pole.