Preston Innovations Euro Competition 3000 

 Bought on 04.03.2020 

The Preston Innovations Euro Competition 3000 13m is now my pole of choice. The M70e top 4 was often too short at 5.54m for fishing in the deeper canals.

All the lengths and weights - when combined.

The pole is 13.08m long with the small extension fitted - and these are solid extensions that come with pre-fitted rubber bungs. For those matches restricted to 11.5m, the pole measures 11.52m also with the protective mini-extension fitted.

The massive bonus that this pole has over the M70e, is that the top 4 is 6.08m long, 54cm more,  and that makes a big different on the deeper Dutch canals.

The tips are perfect for a single length of elastic - as you can see, I usually use a connector.

The tip section is 1.55m long and is the perfect length for a single piece of Preston's Original slip elastic. I have made up all 10 section with different elastic sizes, namely 2x No. 4, 2x No. 5, 3x No. 6, 2x No. 8 and 1x No.10. 

I have 10 No.1 sections for different elastics. The sections are very strong.

The pole came with 4 extra top 4s, a top 4 cupping kit (also 6.08m), 5 extra No. 1 sections (1.55m) and 4 min-extensions. The reversible mini-extensions are very strong and come with rubber bungs already fitted - excellent protection for the pole.

I'm really looking forward to using the pole. After comparing it to the 796 SW in the shop in Haaksbergen (Hengelsport Hennie Kruidenier) I was really impressed. The package is much better than the Sensas package and the pole tip is much stiffer. 

This pole is without doubt the best I have ever used. Awesome!

As soon as I can, I will also get the Euro 1000 Carp 11.5m kit.