Hooks, Line and Stotz for the Pole 

I have used Kamasan hooks for many years and they have been very good - and I continue to use them. Just lately however, I have been using the Natural N10 and N20 hooks from Preston Innovations. 

The Natural range of hooks from Preston Innovations are exceptional and I have been using the N10 and N20 patterns for a lot of my fishing.
Accu Power is an exceptionally good pole line.

I have the N10 in sizes 20, 18 and 16, and the N20 is sizes 18 and 16. The N10 is a great hook for Roach and they stay sharp for a long time - I have used an N10 for a whole match catching over 100 Roach.

The N20 is good for worm when I'm chopped-worm fishing. 

I tie my N10 to Accu Power in either 0.08 mm (size 20), 0.09 mm (size 18) or 0.10 mm (size 16). I find these line sizes fit perfectly to the hook size and the baits I use with them.

The N20 I usually use just with 0.10 mm Accu Power.

Micro Cubes (and Stotz) are the only lead I use on the line. I find it to be far superior to round split shot.

I use the 0.12 mm and 0.14 mm versions for my main pole rig line. This line has never let me down, just like the Reflo Power line I used before it. I still have some Reflo Power in my box for when I need it. 

I only use Stotz or Micro Cubes now on all my pole rigs and also the waggler. The do not damage the line and you can move them about so easily.

The Micro Cubes are stored in great containers and are really easy to dispense. 

Sizes 12, 11, 10, 9 and 8 I use the Micro Cubes from Guru, and for larger sizes I use the Stotz from Preston.

Hengelsport Hennie Kruidenier in Haaksbergen has the full range of Preston Innovations hooks, line and shot as will as the complete range of Guru end tackle - and there is always a welcome cup of coffee to be had.