Preston Innovations Pole Floats 

Chianti - what more do I need to say. Probably the best pole float design - ever! I have used the Chianti float for decades now, and each new version just gets better and better.  I use them in 4x12 or 0.3 g, 4x14 or 0.4 g and 4x16 or 0.5 g.

The Preston Pole floats that I use all the time. Inter Carbon and Chianti.

The Des Shipp Commercial Pole Float Range is based around the Chianti float - and the floats are the best you can get. I use the Chianti, the F1 maggot with the carbon stem and the F1 Pellet with the wire stem.

Another Preston Innovations float I use all the time is the Inter Carbon. These are extremely versatile floats and can be used on canals and slow-moving rivers alike. They only go up to 1.5 grams but that cover a lot of my fishing.

I all the different sizes in this float range. I prefer the carbon-stemmed floats because they don't jump about as much when shipping out and the bodies are smaller than the wire-stemmed versions. I have never had a problem with stability, and when it gets so windy that the carbon is unstable - I can't hold the pole anyway! :-)

I set up at least 1 Chianti rig and 1 Inter Carbon rig on nearly every trip - often 2 Inter Carbon rigs - one bulk down with 1 or 2 droppers, and one with a small string of droppers and an olivette further from the hook. 

The new Power floats look interesting so I'll get a few and give them a go. I particularly like that the line goes through the body, and that the wire stem is not so heavy - I prefer carbon.