Preston Innovations Original Slip Elastic 

The Preston Innovations Original Slip elastic has been in my pole tips for as long as I can remember - so that's quite some time now :-)

I only use the sizes No. 4 through to the No. 8 in the Slip elastics - these cover 90% of my pole fishing.

I use the elastic through the № 1 tip section of my 13 metre Preston Innovations Competition 3000 EURO II pole – which is a very long section at 1.55m. I have 4 tip sections fitted with the following elastics: 1 x № 4, 1 x № 5, 1 x № 6, 1 x № 8 and I have Dura Slip in the remaining 6 tips (see below). When fitted this equates to about 1.4 m of elastic, and this gives me the softness and power combination that I prefer for my fishing.

The Orange № 4 is great for smaller fish and light rigs with fine 0.07 mm Akku Power hook-lengths. The № 5 is perfect for Roach on the Caster or Hemp, and I usually use a 0.08/0.09 mm Akku Power hook-length with this elastic.

Yellow № 6 is a bit more powerful and can cope with bigger fish like Perch and Skimmers up to about 1 kg. I use 0.09/0.10 mm Akku Power hook-lengths with this elastic.

When I’m after bigger fish like Tench and bigger Bream, or when fishing floats over 2 grams on the deeper canals and rivers, I up the game to the black № 8 elastic, and use either 0.11/0.12 mm Akku Power or Reflo Power 0.13/0.15 mm hook-lengths.

As you can see, it is important to balance the hook-length with the elastic size you are using. When the fish turns its head, the elastic gives and the hook-length should be able to cope. If the elastic is too strong you could break off when the fish quickly turns away.

 Preston Innovations Dura Slip Elastic - from April 2021 

This is a new elastic from Preston Innovations and it has been receiving some excellent reviews. 

I have fitted 6 tips (Monoblocks) with this elastic - 2 x No. 5, 2 x No. 7 and 2 x No. 9.  So far the elastic has performed really well when fitted through the tip section of my pole. 

The Dura Slip 9 has a diameter of 1.6 mm and fits in the tip section perfectly.

The tip sections of my pole - all 1.55 m long - so about 1.4 m of elastic.

Even with the Dura Slip elastic I prefer to use a normal connector rather than a Dacron connector.

I also recently got a Response Margin pole and have Dura Slip 11, 13 and 17 in the top kits.