Steve's Rigs 

In this section I will describe the rigs I use for most of my fishing. Hopefully they will give you ideas for your own fishing. I will add more rigs over time as my rigs develop - although they won't change much! 

Here is a rig diagram that I made for members of the RAF West Midlands Angling League back in 1995 for the Shropshire Union Canal. I drew this diagram for a league match for all the members of the league.

An old rig diagram from 1995 - things haven't changed much

I also did a few diagrams for the team for RAF Inter League Final on the Thames. Some of the guys (mainly club anglers) made up rigs exactly as in my drawings and used them on the day. We talked about how to use them and how to feed. To cut a long story short, against some strong teams, we won the match. I was very proud of our 15-man team that day.

I still have the Trophy that we all won that day. RAF West Mildlands Angling League - Champions!

I think it is only fair that we all have a chance to catch loads of fish, so I share my knowledge when I can. If I learn some new information I will share it with you on this site. Catching fish is really great fun, and there are plenty of fish for us all to catch. 

If I find out something new that works well, I will share it on here so we can all catch more fish.