Pole Rig Floats  

I try to use as few different float patterns as possible. My favourite pole floats are from Drennan and Preston Innovations.

 Preston Chianti  

I use the Preston Chianti for a lot of my light rig fishing.

The standard Chianti and the new Des Shipp Commercial Chianti - super floats.

They work well catching up in the water and fishing on the drop as well as for when the fish are a bit shy. They can be fished at full depth with a slower fall below half depth. Fishing on a top 3 (4 m) in 2.8 to 3.2 m of water (a lot of canals) - these floats in 4x16 (0.5 g) are hard to beat. 

Just 5 x No. 11 down the line, and a bulk of 7 x No. 9 shot is just perfect for this float. Reflo 0.11 mm main line and a 0.08 or 0.09 hook-link to a size 18 or 16 B511 or B512. Just perfect.  

 Preston Inter Carbon  

I like these new floats from Des Shipp, and although labeled as commercial floats, they are great all-rounders.

The Inter Carbon - getting the rigs ready for 2019 - 1.5g, 1.25g, 1g & 4x18

The Inter Carbon has found a permanent place in my rig drawer. 

They go up from 4x16 (0.5 g) to 1.5 grams and cover many venues that I fish in Holland. Nice one Des. I use these with an Olivette and 2-3 No. 10 or No. 9 droppers.

 Dave Harrell DH 13 & DH 21 

These floats from Dave Harrell are extremely good, and use them a lot. They have a carbon stem and the DH13 has a thicker tip than the DH21. Excellent floats.

 The Dino Long Bream 

The Dino Long Bream is a long float that allows the tip to cut through surface skim and wind much better than a body-up float. I don't use these very often but I have the 2 g , 1.5 g & 1 g versions with red and yellow tips in my box for when they are needed.