Preparing for the 2019 Season 

 New Rigs  

The new fishing year means making up plenty of new rigs. I've emptied my rig draws and looked at what I can keep, and now need to make up about 30 new rigs - I have about 75 rigs made up that I take with me every time.

Preston Innovations Chianti & Inter Carbon, Drennan AS7 with wire stem and a few flat floats have to be made up now.

This is my rig drawer No. 1:

All my DH13s for larger baits on the Dutch canals

This is my rig drawer No. 2:

Drennan AS5 and AS6 with 3 flat float rigs (4, 6 & 8 grams)

This is my rig drawer No. 3:

AS7s at the top, Chianti and small Inter Carbons at the bottom.

And my last rig drawer No. 4:

AS8s at the top (just 2 & 3 grams to try) and Inter Carbons at the bottom (1.5, 1.25 & 1 g)

I cover most of my pole fishing with these rigs, but when I fish venues like small English canals, I make up rigs separately. 

All my rigs are made up with hook-links at home. I know more-or-less what hook-links and hooks I'm going to use on each float type. It's easy to change when I need to. 

Any rigs that I break are made new and replaced immediately.