Sonubaits - Natural Groundbaits, Hemp and Pellets 

 So Natural Non-Fishmeal Groundbait  

I started using Sonubaits Natural Groundbaits in 2020 and from 2021 I will be using them for all of my fishing. 

Last year I tried the Black Roach and Black Bream, and it worked really really well. It can be mixed sticky to carry a lot of feed particles and is great at attracting and holding fish. 

I will only be using the Black Roach, Black Bream and Black River. The Black Lake is not quite right for the generally very deep waters that I fish. 

Apart from some earth/leam, I don't use - or need - anything else but the Natural Groundbaits range. I've always added additives to my Roach groundbait, especially coriander, and the Black Roach has enough coriander in it so I don't need to add it separately any more. Black Roach is the perfect Roach groundbait straight out of the bag!

 Natural Hemp 

The tins of hemp I have been using much longer. My wife is happy that I no longer stink-out the house with pots of hemp cooking in the kitchen. Now I just simply open a tin and use it - it couldn't be simpler.

I use the preston Picker to put a hole in the top if the Hemp, and then carefully put the point of the hook through it, and then turn the hook to stick a little out the side. Perfect presentation for the Roach and the bait stays on the hook.


I have not used that many pellets as I'm not a commercial fishery angler, but I know the value of pellets for Bream fishing. When I was a Carp fisherman in the early 2000's, after putting out beds of pellets for the Carp, we were always plagued by Bream - so pellets always equals Bream!

I will be adding 2 mm micro pellets to my groundbait more often in the future when I am targeting Bream, and I'll also be using the Hookable Expander Pellets - Banoffee is my choice at the moment. 

I'm not sure how many flavours are available but a simple fishmeal or this Banoffee flavour seem to work well. No need to go over the top and have every possible flavour of pellet on the side tray.