Einfachstippen Stippevent 2017 

Einfachstippen present the Stippevent for 2017.

This open match is a float only event limited to the pole (max. 13 m), match and Bolo rods. No feeders allowed.

The event will be fished on the Twente Canal in Enschede where you can comfortably park behind your peg.

There is a limit of 60 anglers so we can have a good 20 metre spacing between the pegs. 

Register soon to guarantee your place!

The Twente Canal in Enschede is a good venue for matches.

The fish can be caught well on the pole, waggler/slider and Bolo rod. There are quite a few Bream, Roach and Perch to go at, and all fish except the usual Pike, Zander and Eels count. 

Please note that Bloodworm & Joker are not allowed. 

Happy days on the Twente Canal

After the match there will be a peg draw for great prizes from Preston Innovations and tackle shop Kruidenier.

Plenty of good food for just 5 € - Awesome!

Jörg Hendrik will be providing the usually fantastic after-match food right on the bank. 

Entry is just 25 € - including the 5 € for the after-match food.

Register in the Haaksbergen Tackle Shop 


or send an email to: holliday.steven@einfachstippen.com

We look forward to seeing you at the Twente Ros Cafe for the draw.