Einfachstippen Stippevent 2018 

Here are some photos from this years event: 

The pegs to my left at Zweikomm - 63 to 75. This is usually the best section so I was hopeful at the beginning.

Steve Holliday - trying me best to catch fish on a very cold day. The wind was cruel - very, very cold.

A competitor netting a good fish this year.

A good-sized Roach from the Twente Canal


Preparing the after-match food - it always goes down well!


We were not the only ones enjoying the canal.

Everyone who fished got a prize worth over 10 Euros - and 35 Anglers got cash prizes!

Picking up my winnings for the 2018 event. I had a good day.

The winning catch for 2018 - 3,700 grams (8 lb 3 oz) of Rudd, Roach and Perch - they all love a bit of worm!