Stippevent 2019 

We will be running the Stippevent again on 27th October 2019, and the event will once again be on the Twente Canal in Enschede. 

We will be limiting the match to 75 anglers. 

As it's called the Stippevent, from 2019, we will be restricting the match to  Pole only   - maximum length 13 m. 

The prizes for the peg draw. Thanks to all the sponsors.

As always, Bloodworm and Joker are banned, as well as coloured maggots.

The entry fee will be the same as 2018 at 25 €, with 5 € for the after match food, and 20 € for the pools. We pay out 100% of the pools!

We pay out the top 12 anglers in the match (top 12 weights from all 75 pegs) and there are 25 sections of 3 paying 25 € - so 37 anglers get cash prizes. The top 12 individuals do not pick up section money, it defaults to the section in second, as so on...

The Twente Canal from the Lonnekerbrug in Enschede

All anglers fishing will pick up a prize, either cash, or other prizes. 

This year we will also present the Stippevent Shield presented by Christian Temminghoff to the winning angler. The shield will held by the winning angler for 12 months, and then presented to the new champion every year.

We have also received many more prizes for the peg raffle from angling companies this year. Fingers crossed that we get some decent weather and that the fishing is good. 

The canal at Enschede seems to get better and better every year. Let's hope that 2019 is one of the best so far.

The after match food from Jörg Hendrik is really good, and very welcome after the match, especially if it's been cold - like 2018. 

Until 31 August, all the competitors from last year have the chance to register via Roger Lickfeldt. After this date any free places will be opened up to other anglers.