Update - 4 October 

The Stippevent has now been cancelled due to the rising Corona cases. Hopefully we will be able to do the event in 2021. 

 Update - 23 July 2020 Stippevent 2020 

The Stippevent will go ahead on 25th October - not withstanding any changes due to a worsening of the Corona situation. At the moment the event is expected to go ahead.

Here the details:

Send all entry requests to:    holliday.steven@einfachstippen.com 

Include in your e-mail: FULL NAME, TELEPHONE NUMBER

We will then send you bank details for you to transfer the money to our account. 

No payment, no entry.

Hopefully, we will be running the Stippevent on 25th October, and this year the Stippevent will move to the Twente Canal Sectors B & C with a maximum of 30 pegs in each sector. It all depends on how things develop with the Corona Virus epidemic. I hope it is under control very soon. 

The results in Enschede were not good over the past 3 years, so we have decided to try a different part of the canal. It is much deeper here and there may be a few more fish. 

The canal is 6m deep in the middle, and about 5.3m deep on the 13m line. You can catch in 2.4m right under your feet and out to 13m - remember, it's a pole only match with a 13m limit. 

Bloodworm and Joker are not allowed, so I imagine worm and caster will have been the choice for the eventual winner. There is a good head of Roach and Bream and some really big Perch. Everyone should catch something as Gobies can be weighed too. 

Details to follow when the Corona Virus is under control and we can have fishing matches again.