Here are my rigs for the 2020 Season 

 New Rigs  

The new fishing year 2020, and a new pole, means making up plenty of new rigs. I've emptied my rig draws and looked at what I can keep - nothing. So I have made all my rigs from scratch and I now have about 75 rigs in total. They are all with me every time I go fishing.

Making up a new Hydra 4g flat float on the Rigmate PRO. When I'm putting the rig on the winder, I move the float up the line carefully, with rubber sleeves off.

DH13, DH21, Preston Innovations Chianti & Inter Carbon, Drennan AS5 with carbon stem and a few Hydra flat floats (also with carbon stems) have been made up ready for the fishing ahead.

Hydra Flat floats. Just had these arrive from Tackle and Bates in the UK. Fast delivery. I still a have a 3g version to make.

I have also made up some small flat floats - 1.5g, 2g, 3g and 4g - for when there is a little pull on the canals. They are also good for slow deeper rivers like the Oude Ijssel and Vecht. 

My draws in the Octbox are now full of new rigs. 

In this drawer I have most of my Preston Innovations Inter Carbon floats. These are from the Des Shipp commercial range, but they are great for silver fish fishing as well

My DH21's from Dave Harrell. Dave is producing some of the best floats available. Give them a try.

A few Chianti, AS5, Inter Carbon and smaller DH13 floats in this drawer. Keep the different patterns of floats to a minimum.

The DH13's are under the seat in my Octbox. I use the DH13 from 5g down to 1g. Brilliant strong floats from Dave Harrell.

I cover all of my Dutch pole fishing with these rigs, but when I fish venues like small English canals, I make up rigs separately as required - like when we have a week's holiday in the England and I need dibbers for the canal.

All my rigs are made up without hook-links. Any rigs that I break are made new and replaced immediately. The flat floats are in a separate protective box. 

I hope you have fun making up your rigs for the season - and remember, KEEP IT SIMPLE!