General Tackle 

In this section I look at some of the end tackle that I use. I mostly use tackle made by Preston Innovation. All my poles, rods, reels, keepnets, landing nets and poles, some floats, etc. are made by them. 

Sometimes, there is a product better than that available from Preston - or more suited to me - made by another manufacturer. 

For example, I love the Octbox D25, the Matrix Platform, Drennan Visi Wag Wagglers and olivettes, Kamasan hooks, Dave Harrell DH13 & DH21 pole floats and Pro Match reel line, Guru Micro Cubes, and so on.


I tend to use my old favourite hooks, and they are all made by Kamasan. My absolute favourite hook at the moment is the bronze B711 - I now have them from 19 to 11 in odd sizes.

The B511 and B611 are great silver hooks for general fishing. The B512 is a red version of the B511 and a pattern I use a lot. The B560 is a great hook as well.


Drennan Olivettes - the only ones I use.

Drennan In-line or on-line olivettes are the only olivettes that I use. The on-line ones are good in the smaller sizes, but for the heavier rigs you should use the in-line versions.

All of my rigs from 0.75 grams and upwards are fitted with these olivettes. 

 Rig Line 

I am only using Preston Innovations Reflo Power, Accu Power and 0.20mm Fluoro Carbon lines.

 Reel Line 

I use Dave Harrell's Pro Match line in 0.16mm (4lb) and 0.20mm (6lb) for the waggler and slider rigs. The line is on 300m spools so I can do 2 reel spools with each spool of line. Not only is it good line, it is great value for money.

Guru Micro Cubes - very, very good.

 Split Shot and Stotz 

All of my rigs are made using only Stotz from Preston or Micro Cubes from Guru. Although I do carry some Ballabeni shot in my box, I rarely use it. The style-type leads are much kinder to the line and much easier to move on the line. 


Preston Innovations Original Slip Elastic is all that I use - from the Orange No. 4 up to the dark blue No. 10. Mostly I use the blue No. 5, yellow No. 6, and black No. 8 versions.

I am going to experiment with Preston Hollo No. 7, 9 and 11, as I'm going to do some F1 fishing as soon as I have bought my Preston Innovations Euro Carp 1000 pole.

This is probably the best elastic available. It's certainly the best I have used so far - and I've been using it for decades now!


The new plummets from Preston are first class. You can get your hook through the eye easily and the 2 weights of 20g and 30g are perfect for all situations.